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Next Door Computer Services

Next Door Computer Services is a customer-oriented company, that assist businesses and residential users throughout the GTA with their technology needs, by providing on-site or remote support to minimize down time, with any hardware or software problems that might arise with their computer, network, wifi network, phone system, security/CCTV systems and mobile devices.

Our Services

Our Services

Computer Repair & Installation

Need help with the installation, configuration of a new computer, server or network storage or just getting your current computer repair or tune-up.

Network Solutions

Networking allows devices such as computers, printers, Network-attached storage (NAS), smartphones, smart TV’s and game consoles, to communicate within your home and business.

Data backup and Recovery 

Data protection today is very important than ever before as more and more important information is stored digitally on our devices. Your data is not safe until it is backed up to a local or remote storage.

Security system

Peace of mind comes from knowing that there are cameras placed around your home and or business so that you can keep an eye on things. 

VoIP Phone Systems

Telecommunications has come a long way with the introduction of IP PBX/VoIP phone systems, which as revolutionize communications making it easier and more affordable than ever.

Tech Bits



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